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Atlantis Mermaid Essex Fountain Pen

Atlantis Mermaid Essex Fountain Pen

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Introducing our latest creation, the Glowing Mermaid Motif Fountain Pen in the mesmerizing Atlantis color design, a masterpiece that truly dazzles with its enchanting features!

In the Atlantis Glowing Mermaid design, you'll find a mesmerizing combination of a white scale outline that actually glows, adding a touch of magic to your writing experience. The body of the pen boasts a stunning blend of tiffany blue, sparkling coral and pink, and a deeper blue, creating a radiant spectrum of colors that shimmers and dances with every stroke.

Crafted in our sleek and curvy Essex style, this pen offers a comfortable and ergonomic grip, making your writing sessions a joy. With the Jowo 6 nib, celebrated for its smooth and precise performance, your words will flow effortlessly onto the page.

For added customization, you have the option to include a roll stop that complements the theme, creating an even more enchanting and unique writing instrument.

With the included converter, you have the flexibility to choose your favorite inks, allowing you to make every stroke a reflection of your style and creativity.

Our Glowing Mermaid Motif Fountain Pen in Atlantis is more than just a writing tool; it's a journey into the depths of a mystical underwater world, where the scales come to life with a radiant glow. Express yourself with style, grace, and a touch of magic. Dive into a world of inspiration with this remarkable pen. 🌊🧜‍♀️🖋💫

This listing is for the pen pictured. Available pens will ship in 2-3 days from purchase. Like the pen but want to order in a different style? - see our custom order listing here.

Each blank is poured in-house and turned skillfully by hand in our workshop.  Each pen is unique in color patterns and swirls, though the colors are kept consistent. 

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