Pen Styles

At Tailored Pen Company, we take pride in crafting pens tailored to your unique preferences. We understand that your custom pen should be as one-of-a-kind as you are. If you can't find the option you're seeking, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are constantly sourcing new and distinctive materials, and we're committed to fulfilling every custom request, whether it's for materials, colors, clips, or roll-stops. For a comprehensive overview of our styles, please refer to the details below. Your vision, our craftsmanship.

There are 2 ways to purchase a custom pen from Tailored Pen Company: 1) review the styles and select your material from our Custom Design section and place your order. You will be entered into our queue. Once your pen is completed it will be shipped to you. 2) Review the styles and material selection and fill out a custom request form. We will be in contact with you to finalize your custom order and provide you with a quote. Once accepted, you will receive an invoice for a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your blank material and enter the queue. Once you are up in the queue, the remaining balance will be due. After payment, your pen will be completed and shipped to you.

Tailored Pen Company Pen Styles


~Discover Our 7 Unique Pen Styles in Various Sizes~

At present, we proudly offer a diverse selection of seven distinct pen styles, each thoughtfully designed with varying dimensions. It's essential to note that not all blanks are available in every size or style. We strive for the utmost accuracy on our website, but should an error occur, rest assured that we will promptly reach out to rectify any size or style options. For reference, our standard pen style measures approximately 5.75 inches when capped and 5.25 inches when uncapped. The section diameter remains consistent for all standard style pens, measuring from 11.7mm to 10.7mm to 11.7mm at the pinch grip. Your satisfaction and precision are our top priorities.


Meet the Timeless Westminster

Westminster in Dark Carina

Elegance personified, the Westminster is our quintessential classic pen style, boasting a refined aesthetic. This pen exudes sophistication with its slightly larger cap in comparison to the body, featuring tapered and flat ends. It's the ideal choice for those seeking a striking contrast in materials between the body and cap. The Westminster style seamlessly accommodates both clip and non-clip preferences.

The cap showcases a diameter of approximately 16mm, gracefully tapering down to 15.5mm on both ends. Meanwhile, the body's diameter ranges from 13-14mm, allowing for customization based on your specific request. Additionally, we can make this style postable upon your request for an enhanced writing experience. Elevate your penmanship with the timeless allure of the Westminster.

Introducing the Churchill: A Seamless Classic

Much like the Westminster, the Churchill exudes timeless class, but with a distinct characteristic - a seamless transition between the body and

Churchill in Clear Water Lily

cap. The absence of any difference in size between these elements sets the Churchill apart. The ends are gracefully tapered, converging to a refined point.

With a cap diameter of approximately 16mm, gently tapering to 14mm at the end, and a body diameter starting at 16mm and elegantly narrowing to 13mm towards the pen's end, the Churchill showcases a sleek and harmonious design. It's a choice that combines sophistication with a fluid, uninterrupted aesthetic, making it a statement piece for those who appreciate elegance in every detail.


 Discover the Ascher: A Captivating Faceted Style

The Ascher style stands as one of our most beloved and distinctive offerings, designed with eye-catching facets that set it apart from traditional pens. It's a unique choice that's sure to draw attention and ignite conversations.

Please note that, at the

Ascher in Laguna Juma

moment, clips are not available for the Ascher style. The standard Ascher features a diameter of 17mm, measured from facet corner to facet corner on the opposite side. For those who desire a larger statement piece, we also offer a Large Ascher with an 18.5mm diameter, available upon request.

Kindly be aware that not all materials can accommodate the creation of a Large Ascher, so feel free to reach out to us if you wish to place an order for this striking, unique style. The Ascher: where form meets function in a captivating conversation piece.


the Cylindre: Timeless Elegance with a Twist

Cylindre in Abalone

Elegance takes on a new dimension with our Cylindre style. Featuring smooth, rounded ends and a slightly larger cap than the body, this design offers a unique twist on classic aesthetics. You have the option to choose a large Cylindre and decide whether to include a clip, tailoring the pen to your preferences.

The cap boasts a diameter of approximately 16mm, gracefully tapering down to 15.5mm on both ends, with a rounded finish. The body's diameter varies between 13-14mm, providing flexibility to meet your specific requirements. The Cylindre style is where timeless charm and individuality come together, offering a writing experience that is as unique as it is sophisticated.


the Cigar: Classic Elegance with a Smooth Transition

Cigar in Armageddon

The Cigar style, akin to the Cylindre, offers a timeless elegance with a distinctive feature—a seamless transition between the body and the cap. This design showcases smooth, rounded ends and maintains a consistent size throughout the body of the pen, setting it apart.

Whether you prefer a standard or a large Cigar, and whether you wish to include a clip or not, the choice is yours. The cap has an approximate diameter of 16mm, tapering to 14mm at the end, complemented by rounded contours. Meanwhile, the body measures 16mm in diameter, gradually narrowing to 13mm at the pen's end, also adorned with rounded edges. The Cigar style blends classic charm with individuality, offering a writing experience that seamlessly combines sophistication and timeless design.

 the Essex: A Modern Marvel of Elegance

Essex in Jellyfish Glow

Our latest addition, the Essex, exudes a modern and sleek design with its curvaceous body and cap. This style stands out for its smooth transition, with no noticeable step between the body and the cap, creating an uninterrupted, visually pleasing flow.

In its standard size, the Essex features 13mm threads and an 11.8mm section for a comfortable grip. The body curves gracefully, with a width ranging from 15-17mm, providing both style and substance to your writing experience. The Essex is a contemporary masterpiece, designed for those who appreciate the perfect blend of aesthetics and function.