Honeycomb - Honey Melomel

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Honey Melomel is an absolutely stunning blank full of translucent honey berry colors. Poured in a deep wine-colored honeycomb. The entire pen, cap, barrel and section align to create one continuous pattern that is pleasing to the eye. 

Available in any of our standard round styles or our Pendelton (pictured here) style. Comes complete with your choice of a Bock #6 or Jowo #6 nib and converter.  This listing is for a custom order, designed to your specifications. Please review our queue times on the order page.

We offer a variety of color combinations in the honeycomb. Visit all the listing here.

Each blank is poured in-house and turned skillfully by hand in our workshop.  Each pen is unique in color patterns and swirls, though the colors are kept consistent.