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Gobstopper Custom Fountain Pen

Gobstopper Custom Fountain Pen

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The original Gobstopper is a yummy jawbreaker that changes fruity flavors and colors to keep your taste buds guessing while you enjoy it!  In the original story it not only changes colors and flavors when sucked on, but also never gets any smaller or disappears. Meet the adult version! Our Gobstopper Fountain pen changes colors and is a delight to see what will be revealed with each turn of the pen. Oh, and we promise it will never get smaller! Make your world a little sweeter with this candyliscous pen!

Our Gobstopper original blanks are created and cured in our own workshop for a unique Fountain pen. Each turn of the pen creates a beautiful shimmery array of colors. 

This listing is for the pen pictured, a beautiful Westminster that is postable,  Gobstopper Fountain Pen and will ship in 2-3 days from date of purchase. Each pen is unique in its swirls and patterns, no two are alike. Please note that this particular blank is slightly lighter and more pearl then our traditional Gobstopper blanks.

Each pen is crafted by hand in our workshop except for the nib and ink cartridge. Each beautiful blank is skillfully hand turned including all the threads. Guaranteed to write beautifully.  Our pens come with Jowo #6 nibs. Contact us for upgraded nib options.

Perfect for a gift or a pen collector.  


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